July 4, 2015

How To Be Annoying On Facebook

Facebook-narcissismThere are likely infinite ways to be annoying on Facebook. Admittedly, it’s easy to fall into the trap.

The Places app can easily suck you into the nasty habit of checking in at all times, in all place. Despite my alleged knowledge on  social media, and Facebook, in particular, I became temporarily addicted to announcing my presence at such exciting places at Einstein Bros. Bagels and Starbucks.

While that may have been amusing or interested to a handful of people, it’s really the kind of junk that will drive most people in other directions. So… I’ve stopped doing that. I use the Places app almost solely when attending industry events or travel for speaking. That’s it. That’s the list.

An incredibly more annoying practice is the clique-post (sometimes used with Places), almost always accompanied by photos.

You know the one… a group of professional peers are out in a small group, consuming apple martinis and Cheetos. They just can’t resist posting a few photos of themselves, smiling and giggling, and yukking it up.

The essence that Facebook check-in or post becomes:

“Look at us! We’re together, and you’re not part of our clique!!”

It is so high school. If you catch yourself doing it, Knock it off!

If you catch a friend doing it with others, tell them (privately) to Knock it off!

There, I feel better already…

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Blog


  1. I started a lengthy reply, but got cheetos all over my keyboard and gave up.

    And here I thought you had simply stopped going to Einstein Bros. Haha!

  2. Wayde,

    Glad I made you chuckle…

    Go Cheetos!


  3. But I liked reading about your Einstein’s check in every morning and thinking about how I should be going there too!

    I have friends who like to check in when they think they’re at a fancy place and want to “show off”. I also love the check ins on both Facebook and Twitter that say, “I’m at ___________ with _______, __________, and 12 others”?

    My friend was recently robbed after broadcasting on Twitter that he was at a specific location and out of town.

  4. Juliet,

    So YOU were one of the few who actually enjoyed by Facebook check-ins.

    Fortunately, I have a girlfriend, loud-barking-dog AND an even noisier alarm system at my house… so I’m in pretty good shape.

    By the way… there has been LOTS of reaction to this post. Thanks for your comments.


  5. If someone wanted to get to meet you, I guess they won!t locally know where you are anymore. I do agree. I don’t want to know you’re at Walmart! I think if your having a meal at a hot location or restaurant it’s great because maybe your followers want to hear about that spot. But I hate the “high school” b-s. I feel it hurts when someone who says you’re my friend & you see that someone out bragging that they’re having a party & you’re not included.

  6. Yes Andy, we have had this discussion before and I so agree! I’m sure that when some people post these photos of private get togethers they don’t realize the effect it might have on others. There are ways to set up private groups on facebook and perhaps they should post the photos of intimate get togethers in their private groups. Now if its a public event that everyone was invited too….post away!

    Debbie Hansen

  7. I hope one day to see “Andy Ebon is at Auckland International Airport”. LOL

    Andy I have just started using Places on Facebook. I use it mostly for professional purposes, unless there’s something really out of the ordinary that’s worth sharing.

    I recently checked in a the wedding venue I was performing at, and recognised two of the guests who had already checked themselves in earlier. THAT is social, and positive!

  8. I too know of people who have had their homes broken into when they have announced their vacation plans on FB or FourSquare. I know everyone wants to broadcast how wonderful their lives are but THINK FIRST. And I really do not want to see close up photos of anyone’s breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack, dinner, dessert or drinks. What value does that add to your profile? We all eat. If you want to comment on a great new restaurant /club, etc – post about it and give a review. Not advertise the fact that I am your friend of FB but wasn’t invited.

    On the other hand – I will be checking a few posts from my friends that are in the stands at the 49er game today while I watch from the warm, dry comfort of my couch :)


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